Thursday, March 11, 2010

....the weight is over

So after a good/shocking day yesterday, i bit the bullet this morning and weighed in....holy moly 4.3 kilos!!!!!! was not expecting that at all...i know i have been walking a lot but i havent been watching what i eat and last night after a few drinks i got lazy and so ordered hot chips to go with the snitzels we were having, plus some....okay okay ...a LOT of burger rings later, my belly was full and i was not looking forward to the scale this morning.

So yesterday was shocking because of my food and i didnt go on the treadmill, BUT it was great because i did sooooo much walking around, i had to walk the 2.5 kms down the street to lodge some paperwork and then walked the 2 kms back up to work. The hill we have in our main street is called heartattack hill for a's so steep. Then i get bombarded with swapping office and store room around so i spent 3 hours moving furniture and boxes around, i tell you i was so sore i could barely move afterwards. My darling boss gave me a lift home after work because i could not feel my legs even to walk the distance back here.

So today i am not sure if i will walk may use this as my rest day instead but just watch what i eat instead, i have a few salads in the fridge that need to be used up.

So gonna head over to Scale Junkie to wigh in for the HYC this week, and then should get up and get motivated

Woop Woop

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

squats and sit-ups challenge

so after reading about this challenge on Rachel's blog i decided to check it out. So the idea is a six week challenge to improve endurance in hopes that by the end of the 6 weeks you will be able to do 200 sit-ups and 200 squats. Well the inital test was fun i tell you...i knew i was unfit but crikey!!! I managed 24 sit-ups and 21 squats (my poor knees). So i definatly have lots of improvement to be able to make.

So walking to work today i felt a twinge in my knee, crap i thought, I didn't want to feel it because i knew if i stopped for a couple of days to rest it it would be so much harder to get back into the swing of things but i didn't want to cause myself an injury. I walked slower wondering if it was really hurting or if it was more so in my head as I know that i used to be on the lookout for ANY excuse in the past to get out of exercising. It seemed okay at work and i walked home with no worries. I am yet to go on the treadmill today but will go on even if i do walk very slow and just do 15 mins. I don't want to miss a day as i know that will be the start of my downfall. Which is the main reason i hate Sundays, they make Mondays sooooo much harder to manage.

Well off to get motivated to get on that dreaded treadmill....

ETA: did 15 mins 1.09kms...not as much as i wanted but that twinge was popping up again so thought better not push myself and make it worse for tomorrow

Woop Woop

Monday, March 8, 2010

March Madness

Why is it this time of year everything seems to be in high speed...everything except me that is. Kids are racing around faster, bills are rising quicker and work is getting busier but I seem to be slowing down to a almost stand still.

So with all good intentions i jumped into bed early last night to get a good nights sleep so i would be raring to go today...little did i know then that my 'good nights sleep' would start with me falling asleep at 4am and waking up at 6am to say goodbye to hubby. So with all good intentions i sent kids off to school and thought i'd jump onto the treadmill for at least 10 mins....little did i know that my detour to sit on my bed for 5 mins would lead to a 40 min nap. BUT my good intentions finally happened as i left to walk to work and then walked home again, now i'm not sure on the distance but its approx 1200-1300 steps for me each way and takes about 7 mins to walk down there. And my good intentions didn't stop there I hopped on the treadmill after some ME time and did 30 minutes!!! Woop Woop...very proud of that so yet another 2.35 kms to mark off my total goal of 1000kms.

Now I have come across the Healthy you challenge...see badge on side of blog for link....and i must say i have stumbled across a goldmine of motivation from the other bloggers. Wow is all i can say...i'm so impressed and i think i will be on my laptop more than I should be due to reading everyones blogs...but i'm loving it. Now Tuesdays are normally weigh in day for this wonderful blog but i can't weigh in until Friday because my scale battery died. So i will be posting as soon as i can weigh in.

Off to read some more blogs.......

Woop Woop

On Edge

Well after a very lazy Sunday I managed to work out twice yesterday, did a 15 mins walk when i got up 1.17 kms before i realised i am definatly NOT a morning workout person. Then again 20mins in the afternoon, did 1.55 kms. Really trying hard not to push myself too much as not to burn out before i get into the habit of it but looking forward to building up to 30 mins each workout.

So my DH has left this morning to go off for work for 5-6 weeks, already miss him and just want to crawl up in bed and sleep the next few weeks away but as school and work softly scream my name I resign myself to being awake early and blogging instead of getting up to get ready just yet. The upside and downside is i have no car for the next few weeks so i will have to force myself to walk to work each day, it is about a 10 min walk, not that far but when my calf muscles and feet hurt it is a struggle to WANT to do it. Thankfully I HAVE to do it.

I must remember to get a battery for my scales as they decided that i did not need to weigh in today and save me the toture until friday when i go shopping. I must also remember to measure myself as it may help with motivation when i am not losing kilos but cms instead.

Until later,

Woop Woop

Sunday, March 7, 2010


so where did my motivation go today?? hmmm maybe it left with that bottle of wine last night...or would that be the 2nd bottle. I'm not a wine drinker but last night we were celebrating and money was tight so i thought meh why not. And as i lay in bed until lunch time today i thought meh why not. Now as i lay in bed its late and i'm still exhausted i think WHY!!!! i could have just as easily hopped on the treadmill and done a slow walk at some stage today, instead of wasting a full day. I'm trying not to think too much about it and torture myself over it, i'll just look at it as my rest day considering it is Sunday and get back on track tomorrow.

So as i lay here i wonder what really motivates me? Its hard to say, i'm the type of person who will jump into something with two feet and be full on....for about a minute and then the excitment wears off and i never seem to finish anything. My journey in losing weight is not something that will take a week or even a month and if i reach my goal weight it is going to take hard work to stay there and not let it all creep back on again. So i need to find some motivation that will stay with me for life.

Well until tomorrow...hoping i can write about some exercise that i'm GOING to do

Woop Woop

Friday, March 5, 2010


I love taking photos and having my photo taken...yes i know very unusual for overweight people, now i said i like HAVING them taken, i dont like seeing them...i thought i would put up one of the worst recent pics that i have, it's on a shocking angle but it really made me realise that i need to do something about my weight, that it's not just going to go away by itself. I have pixelled my face for privacy reasons but unfortunatly I still know its me *sigh* The amount of times when we have all taken a group shot or you catch up with family you dont see very often and the photo seems to be ruined by my weight. I know i'm a very harsh critic but if thats how i see myself how do others see me?

Day one of many to come

Well today wasn't a total disaster, i managed to get on the treadmill twice. As i'm only starting out i thought i would take it slow and not push myself otherwise i wont want to get back on tomorrow. So i did two 15 min workouts...3.16 kms not too shabby. Tomorrow i will be aiming for the same amount...more if possible but no less.

Got some good/bad news today, hubby has to leave for 5-6 weeks work and will be approx 3 hours away so i will be stuck at home with no car. I'm hoping that being here alone doesnt hinder my motivation. It's always hard to work, raise kids and keep the house up to standards at the best of times but i know that i will be missing him heaps. Hmmm might have to find some things to hellp keep me his face when he comes home and can see i have lost weight.... i think that i will throw each emotion into exercise, if i'm feeling lonely i'll jump on the bike, if i'm feeling overloaded then i'll take some time out and go for a walk on the treadmill with some music cranking or if i lose weight (touch wood) then i will celebrate by doing some extra crunches. Sounds good in theory but putting it into practice will be the real test.

Until tomorrow,

Woop woop